Entry Courtyard

Whether it be entertaining or decoration, courtyards are a special space that can be decorated in several ways. Commonly described as intimate, intriguing and inviting, front courtyards serve as a transition from the chaos of the streets and world to the serenity of your home.

A fountain can also serve as a focal point in a front yard, plaza or courtyard.

A bubbling fountain and comfortable seating make a courtyard an inviting place to visit with friends and neighbors.

1 Formal Mediterranean Luxury Home front yard

More and more, architects are investigating ways that courtyards can play a role in the development of today’s homes and cities. In densely populated areas, a courtyard in a home can provide privacy for a family, a break from the frantic pace of everyday life, and a safe place for children to play.


Either way you look at it, a small courtyard garden or patio can be one of the the most intimate, private and most interesting areas in the home, front entry, or outside landscaping.