French Luxury
Material & Furniture Purchases

If you see photos of one of our custom luxury homes and want to purchase materials such as cabinets and or doors let us know. We supply many luxury homes throughout the country with our products as long as we do the interior design work for your project. On smaller projects, we don’t supply materials because the economics do not work. We will look at each need individually to see what we can do.

Our trades travel with us no matter what city we go to. For example, if you like a kitchen in one of the homes in our gallery we will supply all the cabinets and tile just like that home. This assures you that you will end up with the exact custom design look you want. If you like the doors in one of our homes that is also no problem because we supply all our clients with all doors. This particular service brings great peace of mind to our clients!

Our pricing is second to none as we have a high volume and charge less to our families than most. In some states like California, the costs are expensive, and that’s where we can come in and save you a fortune. Please remember we have our own in-house team of interior designers that design and do remodeling work all over the country and clients find our pricing very fair. Especially if they are getting the look they see in one of our homes!

We are more than just a Luxury Home Building Firm! We can supply materials, do the interior design work, do the remodel work, and draw home plans for you. Take advantage of our services so you get the custom luxury dream home you desire. This is known as the Fratantoni Experience.