Fratantoni Luxury Estates welcomes investors to participate in partnering with us. Our goal is to grow as a company and in order to do that we must be flexible in our approach to accomplish this.

There are many ways to put a deal together so everyone achieves what they are looking for in a joint venture. For some, it’s the fun of being involved with the creative process and for others, it will be about the returns. Let us sit down with you and talk about the many ways that we can work together as a team to make reasonable returns on our money and also have a great time with the process as we achieve our goal!

Whether you wish to be a silent partner or participate in the process we are open to any arrangements. Our goals are making sure that our investments are secure and our expectations are grounded. Our interests are to grow our company nationally and your support and or connections to help us in this direction particularly interest us. We have 30 years in the construction industry and built hundreds of luxury homes.

We also carry a commercial license and would be open to building apartments, office condos, strip malls and or similar types of construction. Sam Fratantoni has extensive knowledge and experience in building commercial projects in Arizona.

In these times we have true respect for our client’s money and time. Investing with us will be a slow and exact science in the beginning. Rushing the process and getting the deal signed up is not how we work. Our partner’s money is just as important as our own. Professionalism, character, honesty, and integrity are our trademarks and they won’t ever be compromised for profit. We really want to make sure we have the right project for the right people. We would love to sit down and talk with you to see how we can put something together so please contact us to talk and see if we can find a good fit for your money and personal interests.