6 of the Most Popular Styles on Houzz

It looks as though the modern farmhouse trend is going to stick around for quite some time but there are some other Popular Architectural Styles coming into play. The architectural styles currently trending on Houzz also cover a wide spectrum. What they have in common are pleasing proportions, a thoughtful use of materials, and something special that makes them feel like home. Here are the most popular exterior styles uploaded to Houzz from January to March of this year, as measured by the number of people who have saved them to their Houzz idea-books.
Farmhouse style is white hot right now! But, what IS farmhouse style? What defines it? How do we get the look? Do you have to live on a farm? Let’s start out by saying that farmhouse style is more of an attitude or a way of life than a style these days. Once farmhouse style was distinguished by 3 key elements… rural location, functional porches and formal and informal living space! Today there are lots of fun decor element that bring the warm, simple and savvy farmhouse look to almost any home.
Architects and designers have perfected the concept of a glass-walled home, making it a popular option for homeowners with modernist tastes and a desire to be at one with their surroundings.


4. Tudor Style