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Our Founders

Sam Fratantoni


Sam knew from an early age he was destined to be a Luxury Home Builder.
Today, Sam’s true passion in life is Fratantoni Luxury Estates which is Arizona’s preeminent Design-Build Firm for 30 years.

Sam noticed many Luxury Home Builders lacked key services essential to the home building experience such as aggressively negotiating contracts as well as a system of checks and balances, which would provide families with the satisfaction and understanding that all bases were being covered. So he adopted the theory of “constant and never-ending improvement” as the foundation for building several successful companies.

Sam is the founder of Fratantoni Design, an Internationally Renowned Architecture Firm that is currently designing luxury homes all across the globe. In addition to designing homes, he also holds a commercial license in the state of Arizona.  

Josie Fratantoni

Josie was raised in the Luxury Home business by her parents, Vincent and Theresa Montana, and has over 30 years of experience as an award-winning Interior Designer & Luxury Home Builder.

Josie is the founder of Fratantoni Interior Designers, one of the most respected and sought-after interior design firms in the industry.  Designing for clients internationally is what keeps her creativity fresh and cutting edge! With over 30 years of experience, she has the skill to achieve any style home anywhere in the world.

Her diverse background includes experience with floor plan layout for functionality, integration of materials, furniture layout, and wall coverings. Josie also provides input and feedback during the architectural design phase, guaranteeing both construction and style are always in-sync. Josie ensures each client the home they have always dreamed of.

Valley residents for over 50 years, Sam and Josie are the proud parents of 3 wonderful children. Their sons, Angelo and Vince, are fully engaged in Fratantoni Luxury Estates and are part of the solid foundation that is our company. They also operate The Fratantoni Group which is an Arizona Real Estate Firm that has one of the largest portfolios in Scottsdale! Jessica, their daughter, recently graduated from Arizona State University while being a vital part of the family business by running their online home decor store Fratantoni Lifestyles and also their Interior Designer firm Fratantoni Interior Designers!

Angelo Fratantoni


Angelo Fratantoni, Chief Financial Officer, specializes in the Design/Build process of some of the most elegant and luxurious estates across the nation.  Co-Founder of many lucrative multi-million dollars companies, World renowned Fratantoni Luxury Estates (Build Firm), the distinguished Architecture Firm, Fratantoni Design, and The Fratantoni Group, a respected and prolific Real Estate Firm.

Angelo has become recognized for his quality, impeccable service, the attention to detail in construction, and assisting clients with pre-construction cost estimates, and financing.  His success derives from years of experience in the financial industry and is rooted in his extensive background in private wealth investing and mortgage banking.

Angelo’s personal touch is seen through overseeing the construction of luxury estates with the assistance of his exclusive team of highly skilled trades who build on-site to his precise specifications. Angelo creates masterpiece properties for all families all over the world.

Recognized as a multi-million dollar producer, The Fratantoni Group assists clients with all ranges of real estate needs, from home and land purchasing, selling, investment analysis and much more. Angelo’s team is extremely diverse in their ability to assist all clients with all price points. The Fratantoni Group offers many services to their clients that other real estate firms simply cannot offer!

Angelo treats each and every project as his own unique challenge and personally guarantees his clients the world-class service they deserve. No exceptions!

Vincent Fratantoni


Vincent has an extensively impressive record of effectively guiding local, national, and multi-national luminaries with the composition of their custom estates, lot purchases, and lot selling. Vincent is most noted for his proficiency in meticulous research of lot layouts, and his mastery in the construction of Luxury Homes, where his team of superior trades build to his exact requirements.

Distinguished by his steadfastness in achieving uncompromising quality through his expertise as a marketer and designer coupled with his communications and artistic vision, Vincent offers his clientele the ingenuity needed when seeking cutting-edge service and results.

Jessica Fratantoni

Jessica plays a vital role in Fratantoni Interior Designers. She recently graduated from Arizona State University with a degree with a BS in Business Management has allowed her to be successful in growing Fratantoni Lifestyles, a world-renowned furniture website.  Jessica is in the process of obtaining her real estate license in order to accompany her brothers as one of the key players for The Fratantoni Group, a prominent real estate firm.

Jessica has played a vital role in the development of their online home decor store, Fratantoni Lifestyles. As Head of Sales, she has built up Lifestyles from a start-up company to one of the top online stores.  She is continually looking out for new trends and products in order to keep their store fresh as well as a leading high-end home decor store.  We cannot wait to see what else she accomplishes for the company in the future.