Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman

Breathtaking sunsets and walks on the beach are only a few of the great rewards that come with building in paradise. Currently we are building a 14,000 square foot Italian Villa! This home is on the ocean and will be a scenic paradise for visitors! Pictures coming soon.

There are many factors and aspects to consider when designing an oceanfront home. Leave all that to Fratantoni Luxury Estates. We are uniquely positioned and have an organized and comprehensive process to build Luxury Estates on ocean front properties. We specialize in catering to families with impeccable tastes and a desire for quality products in their home!

All this being said we closely monitor expenses and keep budget in mind always! We have built many homes on the Island and are always available to meet your family to show you our current work.

We won Governors Award 2011 for one of our most prized homes, which is a very prestigious award on Island for builders

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